270KW Ground Screw Foundation Rack Mounting System

Apr 06, 2023

W solar PV Mount Structure

The 270KW Aluminum W-shape Frame Ground Screw Mounting Ground Screw System is an advanced mounting solution designed with double braces to makes the structure stronger to support the system with a big number of panels mounted on it.

The system is constructed from high-strength aluminum with a W-shape frame and Steel ground screws deep into earth, providing unparalleled stability and durability.

Main Features:

1. Firm & durableThe ground screws that support the system are made from durable materials that resist environmental wear and tear and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Besides,  they are engineered to anchor the system to the ground, providing a firm foundation for the solar panels.

2. Quickly and easily installation: One of the key advantages of the ground screw mounting system is that it can be installed quickly and easily, reducing installation time and costs. The system requires no concrete foundation, which further simplifies the installation process and reduces the environmental impact of the installation.

3. Versatile: The ground screw mounting system is highly adaptable and can be customized according to the requirements of different terrains and soil properties. This flexible design allows for easy installation on uneven or sloping surfaces, making it an ideal choice for a variety of installation sites.

Overall, the Aluminum W-shape Frame Ground Screw Mounting Ground Screw System is a high-performance mounting solution that offers superior strength, durability, and flexibility. It is an optimal option for organizations that want a fast, easy, and reliable mounting solution for their solar panel systems.


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