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Ballasted Solar Mounting Systems Gain Popularity Among Solar Developers

Apr 27, 2023

As the solar industry continues to grow, solar developers are becoming increasingly interested in ballasted solar mounting systems for their ease of installation, lower costs, and reduced impact on the environment. 

Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Mount

These systems are usually mounted on low slope roof or a flat gravel surface and uses weight bars or sandbags to hold the array in position. Weighted blocks or concrete are commonly used to anchor solar panels to a flat roof or ground surface without penetrating the roof membrane or soil. The ballasted systems have numerous advantages over traditional solar mounting methods.

For one, they don't require any drilling, which eliminates the risk of damaging the roof or building structure. Instead, the solar panels are secured to the roof with environmentally-friendly materials and require no structural attachments.

Moreover, since they don't penetrate the roof, they don't compromise the integrity of the roof, meaning no leaks or damage. This also makes them an ideal solution for flat roofs, where traditional mounting methods would require complex and expensive engineering solutions.

In addition to being easier to install and more cost-effective, ballasted solar mounting systems can also help reduce a project's carbon footprint. By eliminating the need for extra structural attachments and drilling, ballasted systems reduce the amount of material needed for installation, which in turn reduces shipping and manufacturing expenses.

Overall, this news is a clear indication that the solar industry is shifting towards more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions. With the growing popularity of ballasted solar mounting systems, we can expect to see more installations using these systems in the years to come.


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