380KW Metal Roof Solar Clamp Lock Mounting System Project Case

Jul 19, 2022

The 380KW metal roof PV project involves the installation of a solar system using clips to fix solar panels on a metal roof. The project uses high-quality clips and rails designed to withstand tough weather conditions and reduce the weight load on the roof.

The system is designed with simple and modular components,which allows an easy install while ensuring quality and safety.

metal roof solar mount

Clip-Lock Solar Mounting System is popular among those who want own solar power stations to generate clean energy, powering homes, businesses and industrial operations in the surrounding areas.

Main Features

1. Easy and quick installation: Clips mounting system allows for easy and quick installation of metal roof solar panels. This saves time, effort and money on installation.

2. Versatility: Clips mounting system can be used for different metal roof types, making it a versatile system for different applications.

3. Enhanced security: Clips mounting systems provide a secure and robust installation that can withstand harsh weather conditions, reducing the risk of solar panel damage and failure.

4. Low profile design: Clips mounting systems are designed for a low profile, which makes them less conspicuous, giving a more aesthetic look to the solar array.

5. Reduced weight load: Clips mounting systems offer a lightweight solution that can significantly reduce the weight load on the roof.

6. Cost-effective: Clips mounting systems are cost-effective, offering a possibility for reducing the overall cost of solar installation.


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