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Trip of ZIYUAN to the 16th (2023) International SNEC PV POWER EXPO

May 27, 2023

At the opening ceremony of SNEC held on May 23, Zhu Gong Shan, chairman of the Global Green Energy Council and executive chairman of SNEC Conference, predicted that the newly installed photovoltaic capacity in the world will be about 350 gigawatts this year, and the cumulative installed capacity next year is likely to exceed hydropower, natural gas in 2026, and coal will become the largest energy in 2027.

Under the trend of global energy transformation, China's total installed photovoltaic capacity will also officially surpass hydropower this year, becoming the second largest power source in the country.


At present, photovoltaic has undoubtedly become the hot spot of new energy in the world. A series of new business forms and industries driven by the photovoltaic industry are gradually forming. 

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